School Field Trips


The zoo requires one adult (21 years or older) chaperon for every six students regardless of age. Chaperons must stay with their students during the entire zoo visit and monitor the group’s conduct at all times.

Teachers and chaperons will be held responsible for student conduct. Any behavior that endangers the safety of zoo animals, staff or other visitors will result in your group being asked to leave the zoo and your school principal will be notified. After you book your field trip, you will be sent copies of the zoo map. Please make copies of the map and distribute to each chaperon. Include on the map the location the students will use to enter the zoo and details about time and location of the school program. Be sure to note where the class will meet for lunch and when and where the bus will depart to return to school.

Prepare Your Chaperones!

Tips for Trips

  • Make name tags—no pins!
  • For the health and safety of our animals, use stick-on tags or attach name tags with yarn or string. Please include the student’s name and school name.
  • Lunches: The zoo makes an ideal lunch spot. Suggest to the students that they pack lunches in recycled or recyclable containers. lunches are available for an additional fee. Storage for lunch containers is not available.

At the Zoo On the Zoo Grounds
Prepare Your Students -
Discuss Zoo Rules!

  • Stay on paths.

  • Refrain from throwing food or objects into the exhibits.

  • Avoid tapping on glass or otherwise stressing the animals.

  • Keep the volume of your voice low when near exhibits.

  • Take advantage of recycling and waste containers throughout the zoo.

  • Stay with adult chaperones at all times.

  • No Frisbees, balls, balloons or pets are allowed on the zoo grounds.

  • Stay on designated paths, viewing areas and grassy areas.

Emergencies/Lost & Found/First Aid
Children, parents or chaperones who become separated from one another or have an emergency should ask for help from uniformed zoo staff.

Zoo Store
You are welcome to browse through the zoo’s gift shop. Due to limited space, groups of school children are allowed inside the store only when accompanied by an adult in the ratio of one (1) adult for every three (3) students. This ratio is strictly monitored.

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