Zoo Manners

The zoo is home to many honored residents.
We ask that you respect their health and well-being by following these rules:

The zoo is a non-smoking facility.

Respect Animal Diets – Only feed from the zoo is used.
Our animals have carefully formulated diets to meet their specific nutritional needs and we request that you please do not feed them. Because some animals are under strict diets for medical reasons, it is vitally important that this policy is followed.  

Leave Your Pets At Home
Dogs and other pets are not allowed on zoo grounds, for the health of zoo animals as well as your pets. Service dogs are welcome.  Please notify the ticket booth if you have a service dog so that staff can facilitate your visit safely.

No Balloons or Dangerous Objects
Balloons are deadly to animals when ingested, so we request balloons stay outside the zoo. Objects such as balls, bats, projectiles or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited in the zoo and will be confiscated. Bringing in outside alcohol is also prohibited.

Teasing Is Mean!

For the welfare of our animals, we ask you not to tease, clap, whistle or yell at the animals at the zoo, and to refrain from chasing or holding Barnyard animals (including chickens!). No weapons of any kind are allowed in the zoo.  If you bring them in you will be asked to leave immediately and the police will be called.

Park Your Bikes Outside
…as well as your tricycles, scooters, skateboards and roller blades.  And please, no running.  This adds to the safety and enjoyment of all zoo visitors.

Our other zoo residents are wild animals, and can bite or otherwise injure you. For your safety and theirs, do not attempt to touch or get closer to an animal than the safety barrier allows.

Photography is Welcome!

You can take still photos or videos of the animals and campus for personal use but permission is required for all photos or video filmed for commercial purposes, and must be obtained in advance from the Zoo's Support Service Department.

Please wear proper attire, including shirts and shoes, when you visit.

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