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Close Contact
Close contact with an endangered animal is an effective way to promote conservation

Educational Programme
Educational programs to heighten conservation awareness

Our Role In Conservation

Modern zoos have an important role to play in conservation. By displaying animals in simulated natural environment and through public education, visitors have a better appreciation for wildlife and conservation issues.

Zoo animals are good ambassadors for their wild counterparts. With close contact, with endangered zoo animals, guests tend to empathize with their plight.

Conservation Through Education

We consider educating guests on environmental issues our most important contribution to conservation. Guests come to the Zoo to relax and to be entertained, so learning about wildlife has to be fun. This is why we have the Animal Shows, Animal Feeding Programs. These activities are meant to entertain but there are also ample opportunities to integrate conservation messages, and these messages are likely to have greater impact on a captive audience.

A more serious approach to heighten conservation awareness is through the informal educational programs and educational material made available to school children who visit the Zoo annually.
Breeding of endangered animals is an important role of all zoos. While for many reasons, it may not be possible to reintroduce most captive-bred endangered animals into the wild, such animals can be used in exchange among zoos. This means zoos do not need animals from the wild.