Mission Statement
Lupa Zoo is a 20 acre conservation and education institution demonstrating
the value, beauty and interdependence of all living things.

The Vision

A park that is both visually compelling and enhances the guest experience by providing education and entertainment value.
Animal habitats with surroundings that create interest for the species while enhancing the guest experience.
Create a park that keeps families engaged creating a day long Adventure.
 Lupa Zoo is a facility managed and operated by Lupa Game Farm Inc. This Web Site is produced by Lupa Zoological Society. 

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    Zoo opening 07-Apr-2018

    Lupa Zoo opening Saturday April 7th for the season...

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FAQ of Lupa Zoo

1. Do you have diaper change area?

Yes, in Lady's and Men's Room.

2. Can Lupa Zoo host my event?
When four walls and a ceiling just won't do for your next event, consider a place that knows no boundaries. Whether you are planning an intimate gathering for 10 or a party of 50, Lupa Zoo's authentic atmosphere can help you customize your experience and give your guests an event they will always remember.
Contact us at  (413) 589-9883 for more information and prices.
3. Does Lupa Zoo have birthday packages?
Yes, Celebrate your child’s birthday At Lupa Zoo with a Zoo-themed birthday.
4. Does Lupa Zoo have a Lost and Found?
For guests who have lost something while visiting, please contact us to inquire if your item was turned in. Please include as much information as possible pertaining to your lost item. Include complete contact information in case your item is found.
5. Is it possible to leave Lupa Zoo and be re-admitted?
Guests who are on grounds at Lupa Zoo and wish to leave and return the same day at no charge during open hours may have their hand stamped at the Exit Gate turnstiles. Be sure to keep your ticket! 
6. What time of day will I see more animals?
There really isn't any special time that more animals are in view, although many of our animals are “early risers” and may be a bit more active in the morning. In our concern for the many endangered species that we house at our facilities, we have built exhibits that mimic natural environments. Like natural environments, these areas give the animals plenty of room to hide. We have found that the ability to hide is important to the well-being of many species.
7. Are pets allowed in Lupa Zoo?
We house significant populations of rare and endangered species at Lupa Zoo and are considered to be quarantined facilities. State and federal regulations for such facilities do not allow for the access of pets accompanying guests to these facilities.
8. What is the smoking policy at Lupa Zoo?
Smoking is not permitted anywhere at Lupa Zoo grounds or parking lots. Guests who wish to smoke are welcome to have their hands stamped for same-day re-entry when leaving our grounds to smoke. Please keep your ticket.
9. Are there discounts for members of other zoos?
Lupa Zoo is a not-for-profit that raises funds to maintain its parks, provide state-of-the-art animal care for endangered species, Most of our funds are raised through admission and on-grounds sales at our parks. Unlike most zoos in the US, we are not largely supported by municipal, state, or federal funds. We do not offer complimentary or discount admission to members of other zoos.
10. Is it possible to shop without paying admission?
Yes, the Gift Shop is easy to get to from the parking lot.

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